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16.08.2008, 12:35
Hi Guys

Sat X200 m/n: PSPBUA-00N007 running a Vista Ultimate Operating System.

I wanted to see if I can get Windows to recognize both of the HDDs as just one. I've tried changing the 2nd HDD to a Dynamic one and extending the primary HDD but it doesn't seem to work.

Can I do this within Windows? Or is the Toshiba OEM stopping me from doing this?

Any suggestions would be fantastic.

Many thanks

17.08.2008, 21:20

what you would like to have is a RAID stripe with both of your HDD´s. But is there a RAID controller installed in this machine?? I don´t think so and even if yes, then you would have to reinstall your OS but firstly you would have to create an RAID 0 stripe.

Because the machine (as I know) is not equipped with a RAID controller then with an ordinary SATA controller you will have no luck.


18.08.2008, 14:19
Yeah I understand what you mean my RAID stripe, but that's not what I'm trying to do. No this machine doesn't have a RAID controller.

Once upon a time I remember being able to extend logical drives over two HDD's. This was in XP though and not in Vista. Still trying to see if it's possible. :)

18.08.2008, 15:22

Unfortunately on my P200 I do not have two HDD but I think something like this is not possible.
Do you try to say that you have managed WXP to see just one partition (summary of HDD1 and HDD2 capacity) in Windows explorer although your notebook was equipped with two HDDs?

20.08.2008, 09:02
Yes, not on a notebook though. I did it on my PC with a non OEM version of Windows.