View Full Version : Linux drivers for ATI 3470 on Satellite A300-15k?

12.08.2008, 14:58
I have Satellite A300-15k laptop with Ati 3470, there is no drivers for linux on Ati or Toshiba website, how to install 3470 on linux? :(

18.08.2008, 08:54

Toshiba does not provide any support for linux at this time. There were some rumours that they would install Linux on their machines but these were not confirmed and as I know: as long they don´t preinstall something on their notebooks, they absolutely do NOT support it.

Usually it should not be a problem to installl your graphics card under linux, depending on which distribution you´re using you should check the appropriate forum (e.g. if you have ubuntu installed then check the ubuntu forums..)


13.09.2008, 22:39
Hi pkozerski,

There is an ongoing effort to support AMD/ATI Radeon HD chips under Linux and developers are actually writing a driver for them.

Right now, there is a basic support for video card detection and setup under Xorg, although 2D and 3D acceleration is planned and should be available in the coming months (probably October/November).

The driver is available from a git repository and you should be able to doing a:

$ git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-radeonhd

(Normally you should check-out the whole Xorg tree and build everthing from source).

Ilyes Gouta.

06.11.2008, 05:17
Hi there!

I, too, have installed a portuguese distribution of linux based on the mandriva 2008.0 distro. And I face the same problem that pkozerski has. I am fortunate that i can use the x windows with standard settings. (although I do not know if pkozerski has the same ability). But it is sad that, until now there is no support from amd or from toshiba (to whom amd forwards those in need that did not made the lucky choice to buy one of the manufacturer brands they support) :(

Carrying on, I am not yet so aware of how to build an installation of some 'raw' package. Not that geek yet :( !!!!

So, I'll continue to look in linux forums and/or hopefully the solution will come from amd itself. I am impatiently waiting for the sollution...