View Full Version : how to get xp instead of vista on a Satellite U400-10W?

09.08.2008, 12:34

Just got a new U400-10W, it came with vista home already installed. I need to be using XP as my operating system.

I found a long list of drivers on the Toshiba site. I am not successful in unzipping any of them. Should i be opening the ones for XP or Vista??

The setup.exe file for the toshiba utilities,my computer is not allowing it. Any ideas??

Many thanks.

09.08.2008, 12:40
You could use 3rd party pack programs like Winrar or an even better one, which is for free too, 7-Zip.
Is this setup file for Vista or XP?

Make sure you have downloaded the right version for the operating system you are using.

09.08.2008, 14:56
ok now i have winrar, thanks.

At the moment i am using vista, so should i just download all the vista drivers?? Then can i put in the windows XP disc and install XP, will it work??

09.08.2008, 15:02
No, just download the XP drivers, as you will need them for your Windowx XP, after operating system installation.
To install XP, you will need the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

Download it and then you will have to options how to use them during windows setup, because otherwise this setup will not find your HDD.
Use either an USB floppy disk drive or integrate the drivers into your XP installation disc using a tool called nlite.

To find more detailed instructions on how to do this, please use forum search function.