View Full Version : Re: Is Satellite U400-10L compatible with XP

07.08.2008, 10:24
Dear all,

I have one Satelite U400-10L is it supports Windows XP.

From where i can get the drivers.

Any one can help me?

07.08.2008, 10:36
Why Satellite U400-10L shouldn’t be compatible???

Of course it’s compatible and of course you can install the Windows XP on this notebook.

The U400-10L belongs to the PSU40E series. If you are not sure you can check the bottom of the unit to find the model number.

On the Toshiba European driver page you could find all XP drivers which are compatible with the U400-10L


07.08.2008, 10:39
Thank Buddy,

I m on right way

07.08.2008, 10:46
;) Glad I could help you!