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07.08.2008, 01:01
Hi guys,

I'm a happy owner of a nice X200-F from almost one year from now, and nerver had any problem with it.

Yesterday night, i was playing a heavy 3d game at night in a room at almost 30°C (we don't have a lot of Air conditioners in France, it isn't so hot usually).
So after 1h or 2h of battle in Forged Alliance my notebook made a hard shutdown itself instantly, and it was because of an overheat.
I could made a fried egg on the reverse if i wanted :D

I admit i was playing in my bed, and its not the best to do in summer, but i just want to know what is the critical temp of the GPU that trigger the hard shutdown ?
And the max temp of the CPU?

I have checked & perform all my usual test i didn't lose any performance from both CPU & GPU.

Thanks again Toshiba for your robust notebook i'll be more carefull next time ^^

And thanks for your answers,

Grettings from France

Best regards,


07.08.2008, 08:35

Ok…. It was a warm day, you played high performance game and you used the notebook in the bed…

Well buddy… I don’t wonder that your notebook overheats and shut down automatically.

First of all you shouldn’t use the notebook in the bed because this is very dangerous for the notebooks hardware. The cooling modules cannot work properly if the cooling grilles are clogged and if there is no air circulation.

Secondly the notebook shuts down automatically to prevent the internal parts like CPU or GPU from damage.
The high internal temp can lead to the hardware fault… So my advice is very simple…

Don’t use the notebook in the bed but always on the table. Additionally ensure that there is enough free space around the notebook. This is important to ensure that the air could circulate properly.


07.08.2008, 16:39
Thanks Jayjay, your advices may surely be usefull for some readers, but i know how to use a notebook in optimal conditions.
I dont know why my topic name have change, but my original question was :

"Which is the critical temp of GPU or CPU that trigger the hard-shutdown to protect devices from damage on the X-200 series?"

I know that the 8700m GT have some bad reputation about full load temp so i just want to know.
It's not about the place or the way i'm playing, it's just about the internal security of this notebook.

I know that in "good condition" this wouldn't happened, but since it had, i'm juste curious about it ^^

Greetings :)


07.08.2008, 17:03
>"Which is the critical temp of GPU or CPU that trigger the hard-shutdown to protect devices from damage on the X-200 series?"
This question is for some Toshiba engineer and I really do not believe somebody will be able to give you precise answer what is the critical CPU or GPU temperature for Satellite X200-F.

Let’s see further comments to this. :)