View Full Version : Satellite X200-252 USB flash disk not recognized

06.08.2008, 07:59

After i plug USB flash disk in to the USB port, system try to find driver, but unsuccesfully.
USB external HDD works.

Toshiba Satellite x200-252/Vista 32bit

06.08.2008, 08:57
You mean your external USB stick is not recognized if you connect it to the notebook…
I had such issue too…
In my case the solution was simply;

I have disconnected all external USB devices.
Then I accessed the device manger and removed all “USB Host Controllers” and “USB Root Hubs” from the device list.
Finally I rebooted the notebook and after the short time all USB devices were installed again.
Then I connected the USB stick and it was recognized properly.

07.08.2008, 07:38
Thx. I tied it, but it didnt work.

But helped this method:

1. turn off notebook
2. connect USB stick
3. turn on notebook with connected USB stick
4. vista will find correct driver for USB stick

07.08.2008, 08:14
Thanks for this feedback!