View Full Version : Satellite Pro L40-15C: Connected to Wlan router but no data transfer

05.08.2008, 15:11
Just got my broadband router and tried to connect with my laptop while the router shows on the laptop the connection does not allow any data to be transferred.
I have used the right connection password, and the router seems to be working as it will connect and download to my wii.

What could be wrong with the laptop?
Checked in properties the card is working ok, unknown error keeps comming up on the screen when you go to diagnose the problem operating system is Vista.

05.08.2008, 16:46

Try to update the WLan driver firstly. If it doe not help try to configure the router again.

Try to disable all security settings (WLan encryption, Mac address filtering, hidden network, etc…) on the router and try to connect to the notebook to the WLan again
Furthermore disable all security settings in Vista like firewalls and try to establish the WLan connection again.