View Full Version : Sound driver not working on Satellite U300-30E

03.08.2008, 16:36

I've got a satellite U300 - 30E.

Sound driver was working well but it all of a sudden it stopped.

NO AUDIO DEVICE appeared in bottom right hand corner of the task bar.

In Device manager the REALTEK HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO comes up with a yellow warning ( This device cannot start. (Code 10) )

Any ideas - tried reloading the latest drivers from the Tosh website & realtek , but no difference.

Is this a VISTA issue or a problem with the onboard sound card ???

Thanks in advance


04.08.2008, 11:57
Ok, have you made a clean uninstall using some registry cleaning tool like ccleaner? Should be worth a try.

And no, this is not a Vista specific problem as it seems to occur on Win XP too.
The last thing you will have is to make a complete reinstall of your system, but let's try this method first, before you do this.

04.08.2008, 13:11
My Toshiba U305-S5127 (purchased in the USA) does this periodically.
I don't think registry cleaning will do anything - it doesn't for me.
Sometimes it resets itself after restarting the computer several times, so you can try that.
Or try going into Device Manager and uninstalling the driver, then restarting.

That often works for me. You can also try a restore point but on my machine at least Windows does not automatically back up the audio - you have to change the settings. You could also try a BIOS update but try everything else first - I lost my sleep and hibernate functions by updating the BIOS.
I doubt there is anything wrong physically with it - and I do think it is probably a Microsoft problem.

I guess knowing if Linux users ever have the problem would be a clue.

18.09.2008, 19:35
hello i have the same problem. i found that this driver has to be loaded hotfix 937077 in the microsoft site, i try that but when i execute the drive it shows that it is not aplicable for this device.
go to the toshiba site (you have to be registered)they give all the procedure to troubleshoot ths system and let me know if you found something.

18.09.2008, 19:44
i sent you the link

write this adress in your brownser. write the third line directly after the symbol ?

25.11.2008, 04:43
hello guys, i have great niews........
to enable and repare the sound probles in your satellite u300 go to toshiba europe website and select your computer and model and update the BIOS... after this the sound will work again.
hope it will help you

25.11.2008, 04:52
this is the link to the site to telecharge the bios for your model of toshiba.

copy the file to your pc, then click rigth and select extraxt files (ZIP) then when decompressed select runto instal the bios