View Full Version : A60 only 2 months old don`t work anymore

17.04.2005, 00:35

I bought my A60 2 months ago to use on a programming course, as my aged Thinkpad was not XP compatible, whilst using my Toshiba tonight there was a very loud click and the computer turned off immediately. I initially thought it was an overheat problem, although the computer is being used on my desk at work and all air vents are clear, but 3 hours later it is still dead. Can anyone offer any advice on the cause and what I should do to repair it.


18.04.2005, 09:56
Hi Clive

In my opinion you should contact Service partner in your country. You have bought a new product and there is standard warranty. Contact them and they can check the unit and repair it if there is some hardware defect. Warranty will cover all expenses.