View Full Version : A60-155 dvd multi drive no longer works properly

16.04.2005, 16:21
don't think i've had this laptop for a month yet. the dvd multi drive worked fine but now it will only play dvds but not cds of any kind- it just won't read them anymore or if it does manage to pick up what the cd is, it just spins and makes clicking noises. how can i get it to recognise cds and cd-roms again?
i tried uninstalling it and now the computer knows it's there but the shorcut icon in my computer has gone, how can i get it back?

18.04.2005, 11:06

Which shortcut you mean exactly? It is very strange that after short time the hardware has this kind of failure function. Did you make some changes or something that can be reason for this? Can you burn any kind of CD`s?

In my opinion you should try to reinstall OS using Recovery CD. If there is the same problem again it can be some hardware defect.

18.04.2005, 13:56
i meant the shortcut to the dvd drive in "my computer". i managed to get it working again but now it's stopped and gone back to making clicking noises- it said that the disk in the drive was not formatted, which is wot it had said earlier, and now my cds will work and dvds are fine.