View Full Version : Satellite U405 - What is the best way to increases battery life

29.07.2008, 08:06
Hi everyone!

I've been looking for this quite a bit and all I could find are conflicting answers and some confusing instructions... :)
Even the PDF file for my U405 has some conflicting tips (is it recommended to fully discharge it or not?)

Let's say that I don't want to remove it and store it with a 40% charge in a low temperature location (?) because I also want to trust it as a UPS (power failures are common where I stay).

So, in short, what is the best way to prolong my battery life to its maximum? Should I fully discharge it once a month or only half way through? Should it never be fully charged or that's actually a good thing?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom anyone can offer on this!


29.07.2008, 14:53
The best way would be indeed to put it out of the notebook, but you already said, you won't do this.
So, I would say to fully unload the battery once in a while and load it to a maximum.

This is all I can tell you right now, but don't know how much this will increase the battery's life.

30.07.2008, 00:00
Thanks for the answer! I appreciate your time.