View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20 - DOS based BIOS flasher?

29.07.2008, 11:52
Sat Pro L20 - DOS based BIOS flasher?
Anyone know where I can download this?

The BIOS download page only gives you the Winflash & I need to flash this laptop in DOS.... ....have installed Safeboot as part of NHS policy & I am now locked out of the keyboard & touchpad, have tried a USB keyboard with no luck.

Safeboot is a disk encryption package which initializes before windows boots therefore I am unable to use Winflash.
May have to find a Windows OS on a bootable CD if this DOS based BIOS flasher cannot be found.......

29.07.2008, 12:12

Unfortunately… the DOS based BIOS is not available on the Toshiba European driver page and therefore you will be not able to download it.

I’m not quite sure if it would be possible but maybe a local ASP could be able to provide such BIOS version… Just contact the guys and ask simply…

But in my personal opinion it’s advisable to flash the BIOS using a Win-based version because it’s much safer.