View Full Version : Satellite A200 - modem reports no dial tone

28.07.2008, 04:25
My internal modem reports no dial tone but the line is working normally.
In control panel it says modem is working normally.
It did work last week and now suddenly stopped.


28.07.2008, 08:47
Did you try disabling the modem option "Wait for Dialtone" ?

Also try reinstalling the modem driver.

Or perhaps the modem has a fault due to a lightning strike or something.

28.07.2008, 14:31
Had a similar problem with my multi functional printer.

First check the cable, which is connected to your telephone wall socket. Maybe it is broken, as it was in my case.
Second thing you could try is to reinstall modem drivers.

29.07.2008, 03:16
Tried the firest idea and did not work.
Asked the computer to update the driver and it gave me a message that i have the most recent driver and would not do anything.

Should i delete the old driver and then do that again?


07.09.2008, 15:06
Hi there.....I had the same problem. I just solved it.....the solution is to uninstall the whole modem driver than reinstall it.......try this if it didnít work than I donít know