View Full Version : Is it possible to install Vista normaly on Satellite x200-253?

28.07.2008, 17:27
Is it possible to install Vista 32-bit on my laptop using other vista CD (NOT the recovery dvd I've got from Toshiba)? I don't want to use the recovery cd, because it is installing much stuff, which is useless for me (for instance Norton Protection Center, which is difficult to uninstall completly from system). I personaly prefer Kaspersky Internet Security. I've got other Vista Home Premium CD from my desktop PC. So can I install system from it using my laptop license key??
Recovery cd install some old drivers too and it's much more work to unistall them properly (nVidia ForceWare for instance) than to install newest drivers on fresh system. Does anybody know if its possible to exchange recovery cd for standard Vista install cd??
Thank you very much for answer!

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28.07.2008, 17:36
If you have your recovery media and safed your important data, you should give it a try. Should work with many keys, but not all, as I've read so far. Worked for me, so chances might be good for you too.

14.08.2008, 21:16
Ok, it worked. I've installed Vista from dvd using my sattelite key and installed all drivers, but there is a small problem. I cannot install Toshiba DVD-player. I've downloaded correct version but it doesn't install! Every tima I try to install it there is a message saying, that: "This application cannot be installed on this computer. Setup will be aborted". Any help??