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27.07.2008, 13:21

First of all, sorry for my English, it is not good, I hope you understand me!

I have a Satellite U400 and I'd like to create a partition to install XP and have a dual boot with Vista.

My first doubt is:
I saw that it is possible to download all the xp drivers... but they are only upgrade, or in the notebook there are not driver for Xp in default situation?
I need to install all the drivers? And when I have to install it?
Immediately after the first installation of XP?

The second question is: I tried to resize the Vista partition, but Vista says to me that it is impossible resize so much as I want, because of the file paging and the instantaneous.
Can you help me to resolve this problem too?

Thanks per your support!


27.07.2008, 17:32
Regarding the question;

*1)* Firstly you should check what model number you have. Toshiba driver page provides XP drivers for 4 different U400 series.
The XP drivers which are released on the page are the newest versions and if you want to use all notebook features the all XP drivers must be installed after the XP OS installation.

But before you will try to install XP you have to include the SATA driver into the XP. The SATA drivers can be found in the Intel Storage Manger.
Please check also this forum for more information how to include the SATA driver into the XP OS.

*2)* I assume you cannot shrink the partition because Vista needs some part on the partition for the paging.
This is a OS feature which allows to use the HDD as temporal RAM.

Check this 3rd party site for details:

In your case I would leave some more space on the partition to ensure that this feature could work properly.