View Full Version : Atheros AR5004G and SP2 problem

15.04.2005, 19:02
I have been reading may issues on various forums and it seems a fix is needed.

We recently bought 4 laptops and upgraded to SP2. I tried the wireless out and it doesn't connect using DHCP. If I use a static IP it connects but something is not quite right as I cannot surf the Internet.

Are there any plans on a driver upgrade?

17.04.2005, 15:48
Hi Andy

My Tecra is also updated with SP2 and I have no problem with wireless connection. In your case if there is any kind of wireless card functionality it can not be hardware problem just something with wireless settings. If the notebooks are new there is no necessary to make any driver update. Which notebook models do you have?

Do you use windows settings for wireless connection or some wireless client? I connect to internet using wireless router. Do you also use wireless router? Which connection type you use?

Like I said it can be something with connection settings.

19.04.2005, 01:44
Thanks for replying :)

Does the Tecra use the Atheros AR5004G? I thought they used the Intel *unsure* We bought the Equium A60-181.

Anyway, I have been able to connect using the client utility instead of using the windows utility. As a network administrator that is no problem for me but would like to use either if a collegue wants to.

Yes using a wireless router, 802.11g, WPA-PSK, SSID Disable, Mac Filtering enabled.

19.04.2005, 10:13
Hi again

My Tecra has Toshiba wireless LAN Mini PC card inside. It can also work with Intel or Atheros card. The drivers are available for all of them.

Like I said if there is no hardware problem if there is some connection problem it can just be some false setting.