View Full Version : How to change WPA to WEP on Equium P300-16T

25.07.2008, 16:04
Have had problems with the wireless disconnecting every so often since getting this Equium P300-16T, I assumed it was my network till friends were round using it without problems while I keep getting disconnected.

I phoned Support and they say to changed the security from WPA to WEP, I phoned Virgin and they say they don't support it, did try and change the Netgear but then I could not connect at all.

Couple of questions what is different in this Laptop than say Laptops that need WEP security, and do I have to change laptop settings?

Thanks in advance

26.07.2008, 10:52
I would recommend you not to change encryption method on your wlan as WEP is pretty unsecure.

What you could try instead is update to latest wlan drivers and perform a BIOS update.
Next thing you can do is, change signal channel from your wlan router.

Try those, often helps to get rid of those disconnection issues.
And check if there are any interfering devices near by, such as mobile phones or wireless telephones.