View Full Version : 6 Buttons do not function on Satellite U400-10O after upgrading to Vista Ultimate

23.07.2008, 23:09

I have upgraded my U400-10O from original Win Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate, installed each and every driver and utility program, (some of them, e.g. TVAP several times ;-)

However could not succeed to operate the multimedia shortcut buttons, Led on/off, Media Player, Play, etc... They were functional with the original setup, but I need this Win Ultimate.

What is the real solution to let them work?



24.07.2008, 17:23
You may have to configure these buttons firstly…
Go to the *Toshiba Assist -> Optimize -> Toshiba button support*

There you can configure the single buttons.

But it could be possible that the VAP is not supported by Vista Ultimate… I read about different issues after installation of Vista Ultimate… some applications didn’t work as it should.

25.07.2008, 09:51
Another thing, you should keep in mind is, that you don't mix up 32Bit and 64Bit versions of utilities and drivers. Sure, some of them will work, but not all and this leads to some conflicts or non functional behaviour of some features.

30.07.2008, 13:47
Dear Jaba,

I've done what you have proposed, but under "Button Support" I can only see two buttons in the "Button Name" list: "Mute" and "CD/DVD"
I guess we're at some wrong point. Or how can I add those six buttons (Led On/off, Media Player, Play, Stop, Rwnd, Frwrd) into this list?

I have seen some threads talking about the same problem with Vista Ultimate, however the solution is not clear, nor reproduceable :-(

Btw, I use 32 bit version...

Any other comments?

In the meantime, I have seen A300 models having the same type of led-buttons. Is there any A300 user with a solution???


30.07.2008, 14:21

You are right… Toshiba button support configures only the tow buttons like “Mute" and "CD/DVD”

The other buttons like Led on/off, Media Player, Play are controlled by tools in the Vista Added Package.

But I’ve found a forum thread about similar issue:

Solution is:
Install the “control utility” firstly and when you install the Value Added Package, choose advanced, and uncheck TOSHIBA Button Support

Don't knwo if it helps but it's worth a try

03.08.2008, 16:28
Hi Jimi,

I have tried to unistall/reinstall the VAP several times, by checking/unchecking that "Toshiba Button Support" however, none helps.

Actually, I also wanted to unistall the control utility first to start from scratch, but I cannot find it at all! Really, what is this "control utility" supposed to be??? I have found several controllers, control managers, and specialized utilities, but I cannot find "THE" control utility.

Is there any place where I can complain about my status to Toshiba? Or how can I access to that legendary thread owner "Mouxy - Daniel" who appears to have the solution? http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=34487



02.05.2009, 20:13

I think you should test a new version of VAP and you should update the BIOS if newer version is available.