View Full Version : Satellite Pro L40 PSL25E Need CD/DVD TS-L462C driver

23.07.2008, 18:42
I have a Satellite Pro L40 PSL25E and need to reload the driver for a TSST TS-L462C T010 inbuilt CD/DVD unit.

Can anyone tell me where to find the driver and how to load it.
On checking on the web, they talk about using somthing called 'flash' to install it?.

The only way I know about installing drivers is from Device Manager (which is telling me my driver is missing or corrupt).
The windows version is XP.

Please can anyone help.

23.07.2008, 19:22
You need a driver for the CD/DVD TS-L462C drive?

Sorry but the driver doesn’t exist. The Windows OS uses the own Microsoft driver. Such drivers are already included in Windows OS and an 3rd party driver is really not necessary.

May I ask you what’s wrong with the TS-L462C drive?

24.07.2008, 08:48
I think what there is meant with flash is, to update firmware, but this is not the thing your looking for?

Anyway, to reinstall dvd drivers just go to device manager, select your drive, right click on it and uninstall it, make reboot and Windows should find your ODD at start up.

And as it was posted already, you will not find any ODD drivers for such devices, as they are always using the ones included with the windows operating systems.

24.07.2008, 11:29
Thanks for the advise. Ill try and remove the device and reboot to see what this does.

I dont seem to be able to sign on with my initial dannyboy17, so I have created a new one. Hope I can sign on with this one.

24.07.2008, 11:30
Thanks for your help, Ill try it.