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22.07.2008, 11:05
Hi all,

I'm running Fedora 9 (kernel 2.6.26) on my Toshiba A300 (T8100, 3Gb of ram). Almost every piece of hardware is running correctly (except the radeon 3650 card, but that was expected and people are working on a driver for it). Now the only issue that I'm facing is the CPU fan noise. What happens is that even if I keep the laptop idle purposely for a long period (CPU activity is vey low), the CPU fan keeps spinning during all that period and is very noisy and very disturbing.

Typically the fan starts spinning (at 100% of its rpm, very loud) as soon as I boot the PC and doesn't stop at all. When I boot under Windows Vista, the fan behaves differently, that's it starts spinning when there is a long high workload period and then slows down and eventually stops when the PC becomes idle.

I tried using different CPU governors (Linux kernel drivers) such as conservative and powersave and nothing changed. The noise is there, the fans are spinning *without* actually decreasing the CPU temperature (which is constant ~45 C when the it's idle), etc.

So any ideas, guys, on how I can fix this situation. Is there a tool to control the CPU fan speed from user-space? What about ACPI? Sensors? The laptop is a nice piece of hardware but the fan noise is killing the whole user experience.

Ilyes Gouta.

24.07.2008, 15:29
I have no Linux experiences, but you could try and search for an Linux alternative of the program notebook hardware control (NHC) or get it to work using wine.
Also have tried to look for any fixes or patches, but only found for other notebooks.

Maybe some Linux forums could give you a more precise answer than me.