View Full Version : Satellite X200-253: Need BIOS driver

21.07.2008, 11:18
I have a X200-253 and I need bios driver but not BIOS.ROM only BIOS.WPH.
Can you help me

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21.07.2008, 16:19
Why do you want this specific file?
It is enough to perform BIOS update via the setup file provided in the BIOS package you can download from Toshiba download page.

Just tried and downloaded this package and it contains only setup.exe and rom file.
I think there is no way to get this file you want, as it is not included.

21.07.2008, 19:19
I need this file becouase i downloaded the upgrade from toshiba web site nad it bricked my pc ther is a way to fix it but i need the WPH file

or meaby you know some way to instal the bios the pc turns on but the screen is black dvdv drive nad usb works

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22.07.2008, 10:19
Think you will have no other choice as to go to an authorised service provider to get your BIOS update fixed, because I don't know where and if this file can be downloaded somewhere.