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15.07.2008, 19:03

I am totally new to the more technical side of computers so please excuse me if I don't make much sense.

I have just bought the Satellite P200 specifically for a home business opportunity and there are many requirements that I am trying
to meet but seem to be failing.
I have submitted a Belarc report of the laptop to the company and they have advised that in order to use this laptop I must
have my wireless feature disabled in my BIOS.

I don't have a clue what this means and what I need to do?? I have read a few other topics online which have shed a bit of
light but I still don't know how to do it and also, if it is disabled does that mean I can no longer use it at all?

Basically I work online in my current line of work and use my laptop (with wireless) for this but this other business I am trying
to get into requires a disabled wireless network but i still want to use the wireless in my own time, is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer,


15.07.2008, 19:54
I'm not sure if this funtion can be turned off in BIOS, as for my machine, you can't do this.

Ok, understand your problem, or better, those security restrictions of your company.
You can check, if you can turn off this feature, by pressing F2 on boot up of your notebook. This enters BIOS. There just navigate a bit, if you can find something with disabling wlan.

But you could ask them if it would be ok. when you just turn wlan off by using the hardware switch in front of your machine.

In order to use wlan for private you have to turn it back on, of course.

16.07.2008, 01:53

As HomerJ mentioned there is possibly little options on turning off wifi in BIOS settings.
If your company is that security conscious and simply do not wish for you to use a wifi connection, navigate to the device manager (or network connections), right click and select 'disable'.

If they are not happy with that then it may require the card being physically removed rom the computer (usually a couple of screws under an access plate with 2 wires).

16.07.2008, 13:49
Disabling the wlan card in device manager would be also a possibility and I know from a friend that this is the normal procedur in a company, which doesn't allow wlan using.

The complete removing of the card I wouldn't like it, because then, you won't be able to use it for private surfing any longer.

Best thing in this situation is simply contacting company what you should do now describing that you want to use your wlan at home for private and you don't have an option to disable it in BIOS.

18.07.2008, 17:40
Thanks for everyones input.. it's greatly appreciated!

I did try the F2 thing and managed to disable the WLAN setting but it doesn't seem to have made a difference!
I went into the BIOS screen again and it does still state that it is disabled but I am using the wireless to connect as we speak!

I don't suppose anyone has had any dealings with a belarc report? This is the report that I have to send to the company
and within the report there is a communications section that details how you are connecting to the internet. At the moment
I keep failing the companies 'checks' because my report still shows the 'wireless' info. I just don't know how else to remove
it... any ideas anyone??


18.07.2008, 17:54
I dont't know this belarc report, but I think it is similar as the ones used in other companies, where you have to meet certain requirements for working at home.

So, then let me give you a short instruction how you can disable wlan in Windows.
Go to contro panel. Then open network connections. There you should have one named wireless network connection. Right-click on it and use the first point "disable" then it is deactivated. Note, that you then need to connect your notebook via a lan cable to your router to use internet.

For Vista it is nearly the same way to get there. Look for something network and sharing center. Entered, look left side and choose manage network connections. After that, same as above.

I hope this can do it for you.

26.07.2008, 01:11

The Belarc report I can only think of Belarc Advisor. This is a small program (easily installed and removed) that if you search for 'Belarc Advisoir' or the butler and goole you should easily come across it. It is free.

It installs in your computer and then opens up an IE Page and lists all the software and hardware on our computer.

Be wary that it also gives the CD Keys of all the software installed, so I wouldn't advise simply handing this over. That is literally it, not a lot else to it really.