View Full Version : Satellite X200: Can not write to memory location error message

15.07.2008, 16:34

Can you help I have a X200 with XP Professional installed I keep getting errors saying 'The memory could not be wrtitten' I sent the machine back to your servce centre but they said they could not work on the machine unless Vista was reinstalled. What can I do?

15.07.2008, 16:50
This is an error often caused by an application trying to use memory assigned to another program. In some rare cases this can be a hardware based problem, but really really rare.

What you can try first is to install all latest windows updates and check if you have all newest driver versions. For this go to european Toshiba download page.

If this does not work, well you can reinstall Win XP.
But, when does the message pop up? Any certain program? If so, just try to uninstall it, and see if message is gone.