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14.04.2005, 12:49
Hello everybody,
today i got a used Portege 4010. I pluged in the powercable and wanted to start it. Green DC, orange battery lamp and when i switched it on a gree Power on lamp appears. But thats all, nothing more happens. The screen remains black, only a very little sound is in the machine, i think this is the HD. The curiosity was, that i unplugged the power cable (while the Power lamp was on)and the Laptop was booting!? I wanted to do this again, but no chance. Only 2 times i got it to boot this way, Switch on-nothing->Switch off/Switch on-nothing->unplugging the power cord->booting!? I tried then to boot from a self booting Knoppix(linux)CD but after 10 seconds loading linux the screen went black again! Can anyone help me? What could that be? Battery? Ram? Wherer can i do a Cmos clear? It's very frustrating :-( Thanks a lot, greetings from germany, Chris

14.04.2005, 13:43
Update: Now i tried a 128mb Pc100 ram from a other laptop. When i switchen on, the were 3 beeps. So i think the problem is because of the ram. it is a HYNIX PC133S-333-542 256mv Sync CL3.

18.04.2005, 08:41
Hi Christian

It is really donít easy to say what the problem can be. Do you know if previous owner had any problem?

Is it possible to enter BIOS settings? Try it pressing ESC button at start up.

19.04.2005, 10:44
Hello again,
today my new memory modul arrived( Kingston KVR133X64sc3L/512). But same error, no booting up, only black screen.I can't even get into Bios. I bought it refurbished and the seller gave me 1 year warranty. He said, that they check the laptops before they leave the house. Could it be that on transportway it get moved too heavy so that a connection inside isn't fixed anymore? Does anyone know how to clear the CMOS? Where do i find the Cmos battery? Thanks & Greets Chris

20.04.2005, 09:22
Hi Christian,

it can be that the transport damaged the notebook but it is difficult to differ for you if the failure wasn't there before!
The CMOS can only be reseted by a technican at authorized Service Partner but your description looks like a hardware failure. If you have a warranty remaining you should use it! ;-)
Otherwise you should contact a service partner for a short check up and diagnose!

Cu Daniel