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14.07.2008, 16:51
I did some searching already and came accross this thread
which has some interesting information.

However it is suggested there that i not format the HDD after using this Intel Matrix Storage manager.
How am i to install XP on the machine and wipe off Vista in the same process if i cannot format the disk?

If i don't format the disk i'll wind up wih vista still being there while i install XP. I have been given a bunch of laptops by the school i work for to sort out and install programs etc, however what was bought for me is machines with Vista basic which is bloody useless.
Machine I have is Satellite Pro L300.

Any clearer explanation of what to do would be really handy.
Also, in addition to this driver manager, do i need specific drivers for the HDD?
I can't find any such thing on the Toshiba drivers pages for the L300.


14.07.2008, 17:36
So, then let me tell you in short, what you will have to do to install WinXP on your machine, which I friend of mine uses to with XP and it works flawlessly.

The Intel Matrix Driver installation is meant durring WinXP setup with USB floppy disk drive.
Now, you have two options. First, create floppy disk with drivers on it (I think tool to do so is included with driver package), second, use the program nlite to integrate those drivers with your WinXP installation disc.

For nlite, there are plenty of instructions in the web how you can do so and bring SATA driver and WinXP together.
That's it. Nothing more to know. And don't forget to download latest drivers from Toshiba page, which I presume you already found.

16.07.2008, 12:00
Well, the XP installation is very easy.
Some forum postings describe this procedure too.

You read that the HDD shouldn’t be formatted after including the SATA driver. This is right. It means that you shouldn’t change any partitions and should format the C partition before the XP installation.
But you can easily install the XP on the same partition like Vista. The new setup will overwrite the Vista OS and you XP installation would go smoothly.

The second possibility is to include the SATA driver into the XP OS using the nLite like already mentioned above.
nLite would create a new XP CD and would include the SATA driver.
Then you would be able to start the Xp installation using the new CD and to format the HDD and to create or delete the partitions.

Easy ;)