View Full Version : SP 6100 BIOS not recognize the new 80gb HDD

13.04.2005, 17:03
i want to susbtitute original TOSHIBA 20gb hd with a TOSHIBA 80gb hd.

There is a limitation of hd size ? BIOS not recognize the new 80gb hd.

14.04.2005, 11:29

As far as I know it can be really a limitation of HDD size that can be recognized by BIOS. It is possible to outsmart BIOS so to recognize whole HDD capacity, but for this you need special tool. I am not sure if you can do it alone but the Service partner or HDD vendor can have it. Try to contact them.

14.04.2005, 14:51
Thank you for answer, but problem is 'IDE #0 error' not whole size of HDD.

My scope was to clone actually 20GB hdd to 80GB hdd because i need more space.

Please tell me what special tool i must use, no problem i can do it alone (i am a PC programmer).

Mannerhagen Tom
14.04.2005, 16:52

could this be a 'jumper'issue? Is the drive jumpered in any special way? Try experimanting with
Cable Select

And see if that makes any difference.

Please let us know your results!!