View Full Version : Satellite U400: Change Hard disc from a 250 GB to a 500 GB

06.07.2008, 17:45

hope you can help me..

I am interested in the Toshiba Notebook Satellite U400. The hard disc is to small for me.

I just like to know if it is possible to change the hard disc to a new one with 500 GB. It must be a 2,5 inch Hard disc like Spinpoint from Samsung, right?

Or can somebody tell me about another 500 GB that I can use for this notebook??

Thank you...

06.07.2008, 20:49
Hi there,
Well you can use HDDs from other manufacturers as well, like Hitachi. The important thing here is, it has to be 2.5" and SATA interface. That's it.

Technical this would be no problem, but, I don't know if BIOS will recognise the big HDD.

06.07.2008, 21:01
Hey thank you for your information..

First of all.. the hitachi will not work because the big on with 500GB ist about 11 mm high, this kind of hard disc is too big for every laptop...

I just write a mail to toshiba.. maybe they answer..

I hope the Spinpoint M6 from Samsung will maybe get inside.. I hope so..