View Full Version : Satellite U300 - Disappeared Sound Card

05.07.2008, 15:15

Since this morning my notebook's sound card has dissapeared, i.e., windows xp and linux don't find it and I can't hear or play any sound. I haven't installed new software on those OSs and I only used the notebook for run a linux live-cd last two days.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot.

( "lspci" unix command don't show any information about the soundcard, but the rest hardware information is correct.)

10.07.2008, 10:19
Hello Raul

I really do not understand why this happen but I presume you have just one choice now: clean OS installation. I recommend you to do follow:

- Back up all your important data
- Make BIOS update
- After BIOS update set all settings to default
- Use recovery media and install OS again
- Check sound functionality
- Check sound with Linux Lice CD

I do not see other solution. Check it out.