View Full Version : Windows media center - Live TV won't run on Qosmio F30

04.07.2008, 23:24
I can enter on media centre , but I can not run live TV.
I have Qosmio F30 - 112 , with Windows Vista 32 - bit

HELP !!! Please

05.07.2008, 10:26
Hello Marko

Sorry but it is a wrong way to report about some problem. Your “one sentence problem description” will not help much to understand what is wrong there. Can you please offer more information?
Is TV tuner installed properly?
Is some unknown device listed in device manager?
Which antenna you use? Is this cable TV or what?
Have you tried to scan the channels on MCE?

Please give us short report and let us know what you have tried to solve this problem.

06.07.2008, 11:21
First, check if the tuner device is listed properly in the device manager without any exclamation mark. If not, or to get sure everything is working properly, look for updated drivers.

Second have you tried other tuner programs? Maybe there are some wrong settings within media center.
Please provide some more hints and information because it is really hard to tell where the problem could be.

06.07.2008, 23:00
TV tuner is installed properly , device is listed in device manager without any exclamation mark.
I haven't unknown device listed in device manager.
I can't scan any program in live TV , because I can't enter in live TV .... so I think antenna is not important ...
Maybe something is wrong with the MCE .....

09.02.2009, 14:31

For me there is necessary to clear one thing: what do you understand under “liveTV”?
If you mean on Live TV channels broadcasting over the internet for free then you can watch it using Internet browser. Almost all players shown in browser, offer full screen modus.

If you want to watch “regular” TV channels you need some signal source for installed TV tuner.
Sorry but you must know what you want to watch and reading your posting I didn’t understand exactly what do you mean with “live TV”.