View Full Version : Power on problem at my SP2100

13.04.2005, 12:59
I have a Satellite Pro 2100. I cannot get the computer to turn on when I press the on button. This is the same whether run off the battery or from the mains via the adaptor. The only sign from the computer is the power light (first one of five on the front) is flashing orange. I cannot stop it doing this. This seems pretty terminal to me, any ideas?

Mannerhagen Tom
13.04.2005, 14:25

A flashing DC-IN LED (which I understand it to be from your description) is never good! Take a moment to think through if You recently installed any device (HDD/CD/DVD/Memory expansion/PC Card......).
If so remove it and try again.
If this does not help then I think it's time for service. Normally a DC-IN flashing means that there is some kind of electrical problem in the machine.

Good luck!


13.04.2005, 14:43
Thanks for the help. It is flashing in some sort of code. I have just found another post about this and it is a hardware error code. I will contact the service partner.