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Enable Systems
03.07.2008, 13:27
Afternoon All - I've just got my hands on a Satellite Pro 6100 and am chuffed to bits with it.
The only thing that's bothering me is switching on the Wireless Lan doesn't work. Here's what I've tried:

1) Use the switch on the left hand side of the laptop - push to the rear for 'wireless ON' - no led or indicator.
2) Use the FN and F8 key for the hotkey setting - no joy.
3) Install all drivers available.

This is having no luck at all. I've currently got Windows XP SP2 on board, and have lost count of the reboots. I've looked at the SP2 Update page and found a registry setting but this didn't change anything. I'm fairly sure that there's a wireless card installed - I have found the antenna, but I'd appreciate some pointers please if anyone has either experienced this, or is a bit of an expert at this.

My thanks in advance to you all,


03.07.2008, 15:03
Did it work before or since when did this happen?
You could take a look at the device manager if the wlan device is listed correctly without any exclamation mark.
Installed all needed drivers and updates correctly? Maybe a BIOS update can help.

Sure the notebook was equipped with wlan? Not all 6100 have had built in wlan.

Enable Systems
04.07.2008, 10:40
Hi Gantz, thanks for your reply...

I have bought the laptop after its been re-imaged, and all drivers were present. I checked in the device manager, and there's no mention of any WLAN devices, but I flipped it over and checked the numerous inspection covers underneath and found what looks like a wireless antenna and a very small card (modem?) but no sign of any wireless unit at all...

You say that some did not have wireless fitted as standard? If so, is there an area that I could put a mini pci card as I cant find one immediately...



04.07.2008, 12:53
There should be a place where the wireless lan card is assembled.
If you know what you're doing, open the cover with that antenna/modem symbol. Maybe it is there.

I'm no expert in this but I remember that there were notebook types, which had it under the keyboard.
So, when you are not quite sure, what you have to do, you could either go and ask local ASP or buy an external wireless lan card.