View Full Version : Satellite X205-S9349 - Question about GPU temperature

30.06.2008, 23:28

I purchased an *Satellite X205-S9349* approx. 10 months ago an recently installed a temperature monitor for the nVidia 8700M GT card. While using 3d modeling applications I recorded the average temperature at *97 degrees Celsius*.

Idling the computer results in a temperature of *60 degrees*. The computer is present in an air conditioned room, who's average temperature is *19 degrees*.

Is this the normal operating temperature of the X205-S9349 when on full load?

Can this temperature damage my computer?

Is there anything I can do to reduce the temperature without voiding the warranty provided by Toshiba?

Thanks in advance,

PS: I have propped the back of my computer up so that air can easily flow through the bottom.

05.07.2008, 11:04
Hello Pabst

In my opinion there is no reason for panic. If you use original Toshiba display driver your notebook is protected and if the notebook will come up to critical temperature level it will shut down automatically to avoid hardware damage.

This with propping back side is great idea. Sometimes I do the same. The notebook can be cooled much better. And one more thing: do not believe always what those third part applications show.

Good luck!