View Full Version : Satellite U400-10L: Issue with booting & restarting

30.06.2008, 21:59

Well I don't care much about overheating touchpad but I have one problem. When I restart this mobo instead of turning on after restart it stays black without any reaction only lower diods, dvd-rom and display blinks (cant hear fan nor hdd).

If i press power button all diod icons (ac, pwr, bat hdd) glow up just for one second and again(cant hear hdd nor cpu fan) computer wont turn on. All this happend only when AC cable is connected to power if I use just battery power source notebook boots and restart without problem.

If I remove battery completly from notebook I get once again same symptoms (cant boot). And sad part of this story is fact that I returned brand new Toshiba U400 10L to vendor and got new one.
It has exactly same issue.
As you all probably understand im really mad because in last two days I've tried really everything including flashing BIOS without and success.

Well im not sure whats going on but could this be problem with some recharging process of battery or some bad contact?
Any ideas?
Should I return it back?

Thanks a lot for answer

01.07.2008, 11:55

Your notebook behavior is really strange and I presume it could be related only to a hardware issue.

A friend of mine couldnít boot the notebook connected to the AC adaptor because the AC adaptor was faulty. It was only possible to start the notebook using battery and only if the battery was not fully empty.

I donít know if your AC adaptor malfunctions but the authorized service provider should definitely check the notebook and the notebook accessory (AC adaptor).

So call the ASP in your country and ask the technicians for the further handling.