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27.06.2008, 10:36
Dear everybody

I write this short letter to express my big disappointment for Toshiba support. I use Linux for various reasons and if they don't want to support me, as well as, my choice to buy this notebook, they should not find CHEAP tricks as the one with the bluetooth. It is a same I paid a lot of money to face this attitude.

Only these few words.

Thank you for your time.

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27.06.2008, 11:23
Hello Nisok

I can understand you but you should also be a little bit realistic with all this. What kind of support you expect? Linux is officially not supported operating system. If you use non-supported Os you are on your own.

You can exchange your experiences with other people on different Linux forums. They can offer more help as official Toshiba support.
Even though you are disappointed there is no reason for such unjustified comments.

If you have a little bit time check follow pages:

Bye and good luck!

29.06.2008, 09:32
Linux support for notebooks always have been a bit tricky with most manufacturers, not only with Toshiba. In that cases, it is really helpful to use google and find some Linux user groups. There you can find many good instructions on how to get your notebook work with Linux.

30.06.2008, 18:40
Hello Nisok

Linux is supported by community, if there is some driver missing/not working, be sure that someone is already working on it. Using Linux was never easy, often you must search Google, forums for solutions.

BTW: I have no problems running Linux on Toshiba notebooks. After installing Ubuntu (hardy heron) on several satellite A200 and one obsolete Satellite Pro 4600, everything except some Fn keys was working right after installation (bluetooth too).

17.08.2008, 18:11
Dear Jules,

I must disagree with you. The fact that Linux will not recognize BT on my Sat Pro M10 is always been a reason to go back to WinXP.
Recently I have bought a new Sat P300-13M and today I downloaded Umbuntu but it is still the same. No working BT.

Is it possible you can help me out here.

Thanks in advange


13.09.2008, 22:29

You can try the omnibook kernel driver in order to enable Bluetooth in your model. The driver is available at http://omnibook.sourceforge.net

You'll have to check out your copy using SVN and compile it against your Linux kernel. Actually Bluetooth is handled by some hidden USB device that should be powered on first.

This is done by the embedded controller which is accessible through ACPI. Now that ACPI support is completely broken for some Toshiba models...

Ilyes Gouta.

17.09.2008, 01:43
Hi everybody.

Especially Toshiba Team.

Want to say the same.
Never ever me and my frends will buy any Toshiba Laptops.
If toshiba causes buy some OS from uncle Bill. :(
What's wrong
No Linux support it is only on the top of the problem. ( Problem is Designed for Windows! Designed Anyhow )
It is no further support for P10-802 ( BIOS 1.60 last one ) which is BUG.
And so one

Quality YES.
Support NO.
Usability NO.

Competitors is near !
Same Quality and cheaper. Supporting not only Billy's OS.

25.10.2008, 04:03
Not agree with you. Toshiba is not responsible for supporting Linux, it is up to you to deal with this free OS.

As for me, on my Satellite A300-144 Mandriva Linux One Spring 2008 works well (together with Win XP on other partition).

There is only one problem with Wi-Fi adapter (it is installed, and networks are detected, but no real transmission of data), but I will solve it I think with help of Linux resourses.

13.11.2008, 20:00
Please tell me if you know how to enable Bluetooth adapter on Toshiba Satellite A200-23K on Arch Linux. I have tried an Omnibook module, but it doesn' t work on Arch. In repositories (AUR) there is a "toshiba-bluetooth" package, but for older version of Linux kernel. Please someone help!
Sorry for language mistakes.

29.11.2008, 22:44
As far as I can remember, I fixed the bluetooth problem with toshset, as detailed here. I am not sure if this is the exact webpage i used, but it should help you.


29.11.2008, 23:19
Ok, but I have a 2.6.27 kernel and I need the toshiba-bluetooth patch. It is for 2.6.26 in repository. I have the testing version of the new patch, but to patch the kernel with it I have to recompile the whole kernel. Is there a more simple method to make it work?

01.12.2008, 01:27
I just downloaded toshset, and made sure it turned on bluetooth on boot, no recompiling of the kernel necessary. But that was on ubuntu of course. sorry I can't help you more.

02.12.2008, 20:12
I am never buying from Toshiba again. Next time I buy a laptop I am making sure it can run Linux straight out the box without any problems with installing, finding drivers or getting it to suspend/resume.

03.12.2008, 02:51
While I do agree with you that Toshiba could be a little more supportive of the linux community, I do not think you are going to find a perfect solution anywhere, unless it is with a company that sell's laptops pre-installed with Linux. Having to configure it to work with your machine is the price you pay for free and open source. There are plenty of online resources for getting your computer to do what you want it to, if you are willing to get your hands dirty.

That said, I will not be buying from Toshiba again, not because of linux, but because of their windows support. They have not been above board with me, and the engineering quality of my laptop leaves much to be desired.

03.12.2008, 11:57

As far as I know Toshiba does not provide any Linux driver at this time but it provides some Linux pages for own investigations. Furthermore the chip manufacturers provides always an compatible Linux driver and it should not be a problem to install it.
You could check this page:

or this


Itís sadly to hear that someone wouldnít buy a notebook because of the Linux drivers.
Iím using the Knoppix on one of 2 Toshiba notebooks at home and itís running great.
So a fact that I could not download any Linux drivers from the Toshiba page is for me not a serious reason not to buy or to use a Toshiba notebook.

But this is always a personal decisionÖ

17.03.2009, 23:44
Then pls tell me how you activated the bluetooth...??
I currently run jaunty and 8 months after your post I don't have bluetooth.

22.03.2009, 03:28
The latest version of Ubuntu (8.10) works on my laptops (both by Toshiba) without any problems.

22.03.2009, 03:30
Jaunty isn't officially released yet.
Have you checked the Ubuntu forums yet?

22.03.2009, 17:00
It is obvious that should work...

But pls tell me how you deal with these:

- Bluetooth. Toshiba is the ONLY company that in order to open the bluetooth you need a special windows software.
-Bios upgrade. I cannot find from where to download a non windows bios upgrade.

Thank you.


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26.03.2009, 15:13
I've enabled bluetooth on my portege r500 (using openSuse 10.3):


07.05.2009, 22:05
Actually the problem is global and doesn't only stop by Toshiba.

When a hardware provider provides some hint or a sample of the driver to it's hardware, their won't be any problem with any linux distro, since all distros are all built on the same Kernel and all those drivers are built in it's kernel and not by any specific linux distro.

What different linux distros do, is write patches to add additional support and fixes that they need to fix conflicts with their releases.
Also to point out, that there are alot of volunteers out there that are willing to write code and support for more hardware, but no one is willing to help, this is Microsoft's influence and promisses.

If you take another manufacture, they write drivers for Redhat and that's why you will see less anger and hate by it's users. Another good example, is Intel itself, they never explained how EHCI technology works and so you untill now see kernel failures on boot with a message "EHCI: BIOS handoff failed (BIOS bug?)".

This war will never end, whatever people will try to do, that's a fact, untill we understand that there are people around the globe that do like to have freedom of choice what they want to use.

15.06.2009, 23:33
I 100% agree that Toshiba is not responsible for supporting Linux but I am responsible for what I buy and my next laptop will not be a Toshiba.
I will get a laptop from a manufacture that support LINUX and its community.

I have a toshiba Satellite A200 I have use 3 different ubuntu distribution and I cannot use the bluetooth with any of them.

Toshiba just support the big windows world and want to do nothing for the small Linux world... that is fine... but... they loose it.

12.08.2010, 03:55
I use my Dads Toshiba Laptop A105-S211. I currently use PCLinuxOS 2009 and works good except instead of using alsa I use OSS for sound. I have tried the new PCLinuxOS 2010 works better than 2009 and I have used the Phoenix version. It used to overheat but got a cooling pad from geeks.com for 4.99 and took care overheating. PJ

13.08.2010, 21:24
Canonical (company that works with Ubuntu) started a new project to help identify issues with the BIOS and firmware that cause computers not to work with Linux.

There are already Dell developers on the project and more are joining.
If you want to learn and also try to test your computer, see


Get your live CD at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/testing/