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12.04.2005, 19:34
Hello, my name is Andrea I'm writing from Italy. I've got a problem with a Portege 3410. OS winME, i've got the pcmcia cdrom drive from freecom and an external usb cd writer but no way to have them recognized from the bios, I have no floppy drive neither usb nor pcmcia or other. the hd is double partitioned. I need to upgrade to win2k, and I need to format the primary partition and convert it from fat32 to ntfs. I have no recovery cd. You are my last hope there is anybody in the forum who can suggest me some solution to try? Could I try to remove the hd, put it in another toshiba notebook (another model) start the installation process and when the I asked first time to reboot the pc just switch it off put the hd back in the portegè and try completing the installation addressing it to second partition to find the w2k files (of course i've to copy there the i386 folder before)? Sme one knows if it will work or not? Thank youfor your help.

Mannerhagen Tom
13.04.2005, 10:44
Hi Andrea

The best way I think to do this is to:
- Boot up Win ME
- Attach the CD of choice (USb or PCMCIA)
- Copy the complete \i386 folder from the Win2000 CD to the second partition if there is space enough there.
- Start an upgrade (or clean install if You wish) from that folder.

Does it sound ok?

Good luck


13.04.2005, 11:05
In my opinion Tom’s idea is very good. On this way you will not have any problem with external device.