View Full Version : Satellite L10-103 does not detects my WLAN

24.06.2008, 15:00
Hello again,
Well, now my recovery CD isn't working i'm opening a topic about the real problem.

My toshiba Satellite L10-103 doesn't detects my WLAN, it does finds other WLANS, but not mine.
Do you have any suggests?

24.06.2008, 15:08

Are you sure the internal Wlan card supports the same WLan standard as you Wlan router at home?

My old notebook cannot detect my WLan at home because the WLan card does not support the Wlan standard as my router.
I had to buy a external USB WLan stick to connect eh old notebook wirelessly.

PS: Try to update the Wlan driver. Sometimes it helps

06.07.2008, 10:20
First, check if you have installed the latest BIOS and driver updates for your WLAN card.
But I think it is something wrong with your wireless lan router. And in most cases it is some settings in decryption mode.

Make sure both devices meet the same mode and try to use an external USB stick, as suggested by the user before, just for testing purpose.
I believe this is not a big problem and just a configuration thing at all.