View Full Version : Installing Win2k on Portege 3440CT

Neil T
24.06.2008, 11:12
I've just got hold of a (damaged) Portege 3440CT without a hard drive. I don't have any of the external drives, but I'm trying to install an OS. I can boot to DOS if I format a hard drive to make it bootable (I used one one non-Toshiba bootable USB utility or by putting it in a machine running DOS from a floppy).

If I put the Win2K installation files on the drive and run I386\winnt.exe installation starts, copies the files to the hard drive (doesn't matter if they are in the same partition or not) and reboots "to continue installation", except it doesn't. It just restsrts and sits there with a blinking _.

Am I missing something? Will what I'm trying ever work? Any suggestions?


PS. the damage is to one of the hinges, I want to make it into a picture frame.

Neil T
25.06.2008, 09:57
OK I know similar questions have been asked in the past, but I was hoping someone had got further than me.

In case anyone else is interested I have made a little progress so far - I've managed to install Win98 by copying the installation files to the hard drive and running setup /is ((or possibly setup /im - I don't remember which) this is to get round an error message which was coming up - windows setup requires 'largest executable program size' to be at least 442368 bytes to run - which may be to do with the old hard drive I'm using).

Unfortunately I don't have internet access at the moment at home so I've just downloaded the drivers and will install them tonight.

I'm hoping that I'll have more success installing Win2K as an upgrade, if not I can try Win98 or linux (I've got nothing against linux, it's just that I'm familiar with win2K/XP, and have very limited experience with linux - maybe this is my chance to learn!).


Neil T
26.06.2008, 10:20
Well I managed to install Win2K last night by copying the I386 folder onto a partition of my hard drive and running winnt32.exe. No problems at all. Not sure why I couldn't run the installation in DOS, but at least I found a use for that dusty old Win98 CD at the back of the drawer!

26.06.2008, 10:31
Hello Neil

I am glad to hear you have installed W2K on this old but nice notebook. Thanks for the feedback. If you have some time maybe you should explain in detail how you have done this. I believe it can be useful for other people who have this old notebook model.

I presume you have created two partitions on the HDD, copied I386 folder on second one and from there started installations procedure. Am I right about that?

Neil T
30.06.2008, 16:14
That's the gist of it, yes.

I made the hard drive bootable to DOS in an external USB case, using a USB Bootable Flash Drive Utility, made a new partition on the drive and then copied the folder containing the Win98 installation files (win98) and the folder containing the Win2K installation files (I386) and a folder containing the downloaded Toshiba drivers to the new partition.

Then I ran d:\win98\setup /im (the /im switch was to get around an error message I was getting) to install win98.

From Win98 I ran I386\WINNT32 to install Win2K.

I'm not sure why it wouldn't work using the DOS installer for Win2k.

Everything is now working perfectly, it's a lovely little machine.