View Full Version : Satellite U400: Various troublesome issues - rundll, programs closing etc.

24.06.2008, 00:21
I have a brand-new Toshiba U400 laptop which has begun to play up.

When I try to open a document using a program for which
I browse the computer - i.e. not the one allocated to the document, if I click 'browse' the box whites out and I get the message "Windows host process (rundll32.exe) has stopped working. A problem caused the programme
to stop working correctly. Please close the program."

Another issue which is, I'm sure, connected, is that I cannot save documents in Open Office - when I click on 'save', the program just closes and will not re-open without a reboot. There are other quaint little glitches such as when I click the paperclip to attach a document to a Windows Mail e-mail the winodw and WM just closes and agains requires a reboot.

In fact, most problems seem to involve clicking on a function making the program close.

I have read pretty much everything relating to the rundll error online - it mostly seems to be caused by Nero, which I don't have - and I have uninstalled everything I put on the machine to see if that was a fix, which it sadly was not. And I have, of course, run my virus program and spyware catcher, which found nothing untoward.

Here's hoping some kind soul can help. All the best,


28.06.2008, 11:31
Hi buddy

For me it looks like all issues described in your messages are related to any 3rd party applications which are running on your notebook with preinstalled Vista OS.

It seems the programs cause these annoying issues. Maybe due to non-compatibility with Vista??? ?:| This is not impossible!

You could reinstall the OS using the Recovery CD. Then update the OS to the latest state installing the SP1 and MS patches.
Donít install 3rd applications before you didnít check, how the system works and if itís running stable.

If yes, then your installed 3rd party programs cause these issues.