View Full Version : Can I replace Vista with XP on Satellite U205-S5057

16.06.2008, 22:08
I have a U205-S5057 and it came with Vista on it. I took it to the Best Buy store where I purchased it and asked them to put Windows XP on it.

They said it could not be done because my notebook would lose all internet capability if I put XP on it and it might lose my entire hard drive.

Are they correct?

Is there any way to successfully replace Vista with XP on my notebook? (I have an installation disc for XP that came with another notebook I have, but the disc won't run on the Vista-enabled notebook.)

17.06.2008, 15:21
To be honest I cannot believe why some unqualified notebook dealers provides such wrong and misleading informations
Of course you can install the Windows XP on your notebook.

All necessary XP drivers and tools can be found on the Toshiba page.
This notebook seems to be a US series and therefore you have to use the Toshiba US page for the driver download!!!

Check this link:

First of all you should download the driver from the net and then you could reinstall the Win XP on this unit.

I think you have to include firstly the SATA drivers into the Win XP setup due to the HDD SATA controller. The SATA drivers are necessary to recognize the HDD during the XP installation.


18.06.2008, 20:28
I really do not understand the people who told you this. Your notebook model is definitely WXP supported and on page given by previous user you can choose your notebook model and WXP SP2 drivers.

All you need will be listed there.