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07.06.2008, 13:53
I am about to buy a notebook

I have specific criteria and I have been browsing website quite a while and still not sure what's best for me. Please recommend. Here is what I need.

- I will work with 16bit 12Mpix photos (maybe PhotoShop, Lightroom, Paint Shop Pro, PTGui) and I need sufficient (but not uselessly high) CPU and memory
- I plan 15.4", but if there are reasons (some nice features as below), I accept 17"
- mobility and battery life are quite important for me
- requested features follow in order of importance:
1 - reasonable pixel size (1440x900/15.4" is probably acceptable, 1920x1200/17" is too small)
2 - connect to my flat panel (1920x1200 at the moment) via (preferably) DVI-D or normal VGA
3 - connect to my ex-PC internal SATA HDD (which I will keep and make it external now)
4 - connect to my 5.1 receiver via SPDIF - before it was must ... now, nice to have follows
5 - may be used for DJ-ing: which requires independent headphones and line out. Often DJ software solves it via front L,R and rear L,R channels.
But this is very rare for ntb, so I think this has to be solved via external soundcard
6 - DVB-T tuner (or is possible external? via which interface?)(if conditions 4 and 5 are met, this is secondary...in other words I prefer external tuner to external soundcard)

there are other things, but they are quite common:
WiFi, Bluetooth, approx. 4xUSB, card reader, DVD burner, WebCam, Mic ?

I appreciate your time


11.06.2008, 19:58

I have no time to check what Toshiba notebooks comply with your requirement specifications but what you could do is to check the Toshiba European website -> Products -> Notebooks area

There you can find the newest Toshiba series and the whole hardware specifications.

PS My favorite series is a Satellite Pro P series maybe a P300


20.06.2008, 10:10
Would also propose one of the Satellite Pro series. The A300 to be more precise.
It is small and compact, display resolution is one below the 1440x900, SPDIF...

For a DVB-T tuner you can use external usb sticks or which I use, tuner for express card slot.
Nice machine so!
May you check it out.