View Full Version : Running the laptop in "battery optimized cooling method" - harmful?

01.06.2008, 18:22

I have been getting very irritated by the amount of noise emitted by the fan whenever my laptop was plugged to the electricity, even while performing very simple tasks such as Internet browsing or word processing.

I have therefore switched the cooling method under Vista's Advanced Power Options from "maximum performance" to "battery optimized". Now the computer is pleasantly silent but I was wondering whether it might damage the laptop in any way when I run it in this mode despite being plugged to the AC. Should I perhaps also reduce the "maximum processor state", which is currently at 100%?

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06.06.2008, 12:46
Hello Martin

Believe me I use absolutely the same settings almost half year now. And I am satisfied. The notebook runs well and cooling fan is silent.
The question is for which operations you need your notebook. If you use it for “every day” operations like writing mails, checking different stuff in Internet, downloading music you do not need high performance level. I recommend you to use “balanced power plan” in power options. Only set the display brightness to higher level and you can continue to work.

Using the same power settings I have good working and absolutely silent notebook.

One other thing: before notebook comes to the market it must be properly tested and I really do not believe Toshiba will offer some settings that can damage notebook hardware.

Simply choose your favorite settings and be happy. ;)