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28.05.2008, 09:56
I observe that my newly bought notebook battery life is low.
I tried to use the battery alone (not connected with AC adaptor and power supply) and have it discharged totally until the computer went off by itself.

Then I plugged the AC adaptor to the notebook to charge the battery, an orange light flashes on the battery to show it is charging, after hours of waiting while the computer is on, I checked the status of the battery on the lower right of the monitor, it says it was already fully charged 100%.

Then I pulled out the AC adaptor to check how many hours would it take for the battery to consume while the computer is on.
To my shock, it only shows 1 hr and 15mins.

Does this mean my battery pack have problems already since its life is only low?
I've read the user manual, the battery life should be at least 1.5 days before it will be discharged totally.........

Can you shed some light over here?

Thanks for your replies......

28.05.2008, 10:27
> I've read the user manual; the battery life should be at least 1.5 days before it will be discharged totally

What?! 1.5 days!! Sorry but I don’t believe that and I think this is not possible using the U300 with battery only.

I’ve got a Satellite A210 with a preinstalled Vista OS and I can run it on battery for about 1.5h

But let’s talk about facts;
Fact is that the battery working time depends on the notebook usage.
The battery would discharge faster while watching movies or playing some games.
If your run only some common application like “Word” or “internet browser” and your display brightness isn’t set to a highest level, then the battery would discharge slower.

Please don’t forget one important thing; you have Vista preinstalled.
This OS eats the notebooks resources and needs more power as Win XP for example.

I read somewhere in the internet that a same notebook with the preinstalled Windows XP would run much longer as with preinstalled Vista.

As you see the battery working time depends on different factors.


28.05.2008, 11:12
thanks for shedding light to me. I was thinking I bought a 2nd hand notebook rather than a brand new one because of problems I encountered here. I have checked the user manual and I'm wrong to say 1.5 days for the battery life. 1.5 days means for the data to be retained in the battery with 3 cells when the power is off, 3 days for 6 cells and 5 days for 9 cells. I didn't go to the details much in the manual coz for me its boring to read. The important thing is my battery pack is normal.......thanks again.....

28.05.2008, 11:17
You are welcome ;) and thanks for the points