View Full Version : Tecra 740cdt with external cdrom pa2611u setup boot from cd?

09.04.2005, 01:57
I have the above tecra laptop.
I bought this 2nd hand but without any os installed.
I have win98se on cd with the floppy install disk.
How can I get the laptop to boot the win98se cd?
The floppy install cant find the cdrom drive.
Please explain how i would get the install floppy to install the cdrom driver and the boot the installation cd.
Please state any files I would need to download and how to setup these onto a floppy.

11.04.2005, 10:44

You must start your unit using floppy install disk and after that it is necessary to install CD-Rom driver. Please check http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com . Go to Support & Downloads > Download drivers and on this place under Product type select option Archive. Family, Product series and model should not be problem.

There you can fins several drivers and tools that you can use for your Tecra. It is a old machine and I didnít try to install it but I am pretty sure that you can use all drivers made for Win95. You can also try to make two partitions on HDD and copy whole Win98 CD to second partition. After that start the unit using floppy install disk, go to second partition and execute SETUP command to start OS installation. I think that for second partition you will need about 500MB free space.

Try to test several options to install OS properly and if there is some success let us know.