View Full Version : RAID 0 Satellite X200-24Z

21.05.2008, 21:14
Good morning,

I would like to spend my Satellite X200-24Z equipped with 2 disk RAID 0.


Thank you

26.05.2008, 09:10

Are you sure your Satellite X200-24Z supports a RAID feature?

I’m not X200 owner but I've investigated a little bit and from my knowledge your notebook does not support RAID and therefore you cannot change any RAID settings.

As I said I’m not X200 owner and it would be very interesting to know if you found a preinstalled RAID utility/tool on your system.

So a feedback would be appreciated…

Best regards

17.11.2008, 18:21
An hardware raid 0 is not supportet from the mainboard. You can only install an software raid with vista. But this raid version will cost some cpu speed.

18.11.2008, 16:15
Hi guys

Forget the RAID!
The X200 does not support any RAID functionality because there is NO RAID controller.
The X200 supports the SATA controller but NO RAID!

Therefore the RAID 0 is not supported too!