View Full Version : Tectra 8000 system file failure

20.05.2008, 17:26
I have a Tectra 8000 notebook that gives the message "insert system disk in drive - press any key when ready" on start up.
I do not have any recovery discs, and tried to boot up on other CD's - win XP or Norton Partitian Magic but this was no different
I can get into BIOS, and have changed the boot up order to CD first - no difference
I have also removed and reseated the HDD - no difference.

So it seems that BIOS is working but the HDD and CD are not - and ideas?


20.05.2008, 18:42
I have one idea: obtain new HDD, exchange it and try to install WXP again. I just hope the CD/DVD drive is OK.
If you set it as first bootable device can you hear some sounds like CD spinning?

28.05.2008, 15:24
I can hear the CD drive spining, so it must be gettin power, and must be recognised in BIOS

28.05.2008, 15:34
I had a same error message 2 years ago.
My HDD died and therefore the notebook could not find the MBR and the installed OS.

Iíve replaced the HDD, installed the OS and fixed it.