View Full Version : Rebuilding Satellite Pro L10 from scratch

19.05.2008, 17:49
I need to rebuild a Satellite Pro L10 from scratch:

Model No. PSL15E-00U003EN
Serial No: X5137966

I tried the recovery disk, no joy, the LAN and Wireless both give "limited or no connectivity"
So I tried reloading Windows using a Microsoft disk, still "limited or no connectivity"
So I've downloaded all the drivers.
I've reloaded the LAN and wireless drivers, as well as the modem driver and a few others to cure the yellow "?" in device manager

What next? Do I need some other driver? I've tried both Toshiba's recovery disk and loading "vanilla" Windows. It's begining to look like a hardware problem and I suspect my last resort is to rebuild the PC from scratch. Some questions:

1. Is there a complete list of drivers somewhere?
2. In what order should I load the drivers etc?

Ideally I want to leave out the non essential items so I have a "standard" windows instll.

Any help gratefully received.

19.05.2008, 21:27

did you already checked your network connection on the router side? Could be that some settings on your router are not properly set, or maybe some other computer in your network interferes with your Satellite L10.
Please check your machine in another, well known working network and make sure that the machine has also there a limited connectivity to ensure that it could be a hardware fault.

Please give some feedback.


23.05.2008, 11:34
Thanks for the suggestion, but this is the second network on which I've tried it.

I'm on a known good network with a known good connection.