View Full Version : Satellite Pro L100: Missing ntoskrn.exe after XP re-install

13.05.2008, 17:13
Hi guys/gals,

A friend has brought their L100 Pro round to me because after a crash they used the recovery DVD to re-install XP, however the machine will not now boot it keeps giving a "missing ntoskrnl.exe" error, I have tried to re-install XP myself from the recovery DVD and get the same, it goes through all the install with no errors but still throws the same error upon reboot.

I know this is not hardware as I can install ubuntu fine and it runs OK.

I am not all that familiar with these laptops and am at a bit of a loss, have spent hours going through google, FAQ`s and these forums but have not had any luck ( maybe not searching for the right thing :-)

Am I missing something obvious?

Or am I just being super dense today?

Cheers for any help.


14.05.2008, 18:02
As I understand you have used the Toshiba recovery CD which was supplied with this notebook. You didnít use a recovery CD which was crated for another notebook series. Am I right???

I ask it because fact is that the notebook should run perfectly, without any big troubles after the usage of the recovery CD.

You are sure that this is not a hardware issue???

Well, so I wonder why you are not able to reinstall the OS using the recovery CD if the hardware is ok. Thatís really strangeÖ

Do you have a original Microsoft XP CD?
If yes, use it. Format firstly the HDD, delete all partitions and try to reinstall the OS from the MS XP CD.

A feedback would be appreciated.

15.05.2008, 04:14
So you installed Linux on the HDD? Perhaps Linux has modified the partition table and causing a problem.

I would delete all the partitions on the HDD and try running Recovery again.

To delete the partitions, you need fdisk or a similar program. This is available on a bootable floppy disk at www.bootdisk.com