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03.05.2008, 17:41
Hi all,

I have got a Tecra 9100 and as many other people I've got problems after installing SP2.

I tried to install the sound card by using the driver downloaded from the toshiba support page:

but I get a windows pop up saying that the file yacxg.sys is missing.
After that the installation is ended and the sound card is not installed.

Is there anyone that can help me?


03.05.2008, 18:00
The point is that the driver listed in the Toshiba FAQ is for the SP1 and NOT for the SP2

I think you should google a little bit and should search if you would find an sound driver update which is compatible with the SP2

Yamaha already provides the fixed driver.

yacxg.sys with software synthesizer

yacxgc.sys without software synthesizer

17.08.2008, 21:52
Hi there,

I tried everything described on this forum and I also tried the last Toshiba driver sound-20080604143816.
However, it doesn't work. I get the pop up "driver was not installed" after unzipping the driver and opening it.

Does anyone know what I have to do to install correctly the new driver?

(I am thinking to buy a new laptop and I've got the feeling that it won't be a Toshiba).

Thanks, Massimo

22.08.2008, 09:03
Well, it seems I need to reinstall and then sell my toshiba. toshiba, never again. customer support and user assistance should be a central point in a modern technology business.

22.08.2008, 21:12
Hi Massimo

Sorry but I think you have lost the objectivity. I have Tecra 9100 for years now and, for me, it is one of the best business notebook models. I tell you why. I do not know exactly how long but I am sure for about 4 years now I use this notebook preinstalled with WXP SP2 and W2000. I have installed both operating systems successfully and I really do not understand what your problem is. Nice notebook with very good performance. With right OS configuration it runs perfectly.

I have one friend and he is like you. If something does not work how he thinks it should be it is the end of the world. Knowing him I can say that problem is not customer support but customerís stubbornness.

By the way: have you checked Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information?

Have a nice day.

24.08.2008, 08:42
Dear Mike, well it seems you are personally offended because my laptop's Yamaha AC-XG sound card does not work under XP SP2 and later updates. Sorry for this.

Again, my laptop's sound card does not work, there are *known* compatibility problems with XP SP2. In different posts in the wide web I have seen many other people with the same problem. I didn't see one person who really fixed the problem. MS upgrade info is MS. Not helpful at all.

So please, if you had problems with your Yamaha AC-XG soundcard installed on a Tecra 9100 and you resolved it, please let me know how you did it. Which driver did you install?

Please reply only useful answers or pertinent questions...


24.08.2008, 20:04
Did you try to download Yamaha driver from this download center:http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_home.jsp They have auto run setup,after self-extracting!Maybe it could help?!

25.08.2008, 02:58
You just need to install the correct driver. Try this one: ( v6.13.10.2152 for SP1 and SP2)

27.08.2008, 15:00
Thanks for the information. Unfortunately after downloading and unpacking/install the driver I get a pop up telling me that the driver was not installed.
There is no other info other then that in the pop up.

Any thoughts? Should I remove some archive/temp files somewhere?

29.08.2008, 22:20
This is the latest Yamaha driver:

Read help before installing on this page!You got to remove your current Yamaha driver befor new installation!!
Yamaha Sound Cards and Chip Sets are no longer in production!

Keep informed.....

03.09.2008, 15:10
On this page I was not able to find the driver for the AC-XG soundcard. I also reinstalled XP SP2 on my laptop. The soundcard was not found and when installing the last driver I found on Toshiba's website I got the message "Driver was not installed".

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12.09.2008, 00:14
You can find Yamaha AC-XG sound drivers on this Japanese page:

31.10.2008, 21:22
hi all, the problem still persists. I tried to install awi3157_xp.exe but it doesn't work. after downloading the driver and opening, I get a MS error message saying: "the driver was not installed" - Any idea what needs to be done?


31.10.2008, 22:40
I found this

[Windows XP Service Pack 1 and 2 incompatible with existing Yamaha sound driver|http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_dtlView.jsp?soid=277291&moid=160275&rpn=PT910U]

31.10.2008, 23:15
I removed the old driver and all related files and tried to install the on the page by following the instructions but at the end I still get the pop up saying that the driver was not installed.

Please help. thx

05.11.2008, 21:13
Probably you've got Windows XP with "OEM" from another manufacturer instaled on your notebook,causing a conflict with Yamaha sound card!Have you got any sound on your notebook?Just go on "start",then "run",in the command box type:"dxdiag"(without quotes),after opening diagnostic tools,click on the "sound" tab and tell us what kind of sound drivers you've got currently...??

05.11.2008, 21:40
there is another way:download Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool for Windows XP/SP2
Install it on your notebook ,start it and check all hardware.....
It's simply for use...

06.11.2008, 00:41
I run the diagnostic application sound check and the result is "Pass". I can hear all system sounds. By running the dxdiag test, however, the result was that no sound driver is installed. thoughts? I don't have an OEM version installed. This laptop had a NT2000 before, then XP SP2. I also reinstalled another XP version, unfortunately with the same result. I like this laptop and like to give it to my wife for her journalistic work. For this reason she needs sound more than everything else...

06.11.2008, 02:21
Sorry for my english
I have the same problem. I can see the fatal "driver not installed".
I'm work for resolve this problem and i tell you if resolve.
Please if anywere have a solution, post it.

09.11.2008, 19:23
Well, I don't know about XP service pack 2, but I have been using the Yamaha sound driver S241BPSN.exe (version from Toshiba Canada in clean installation without any problem for XP SP3. This driver worked with SP1 also. (I have never used SP2.) If I remember correctly, (because this happened several years ago.), the sound driver from Toshiba USA did not work, and that is why i used this file from Toshiba Canada, and I have been using it since then.

10.11.2008, 21:48
Hi Massimo
If you have done windows XP reinstallation,after ' first reboot,you had to get Windows message: "The file yacgx.sys is missing.You need to reinstall Yamaha sound device"!You will not be able to see that message by using Windows XP "Home Edition",I don't know why!
Open "Device Menager",double-click "Sound,video, and game controllers"!Then double-click your sound device,but if you are not really sure which one is that,minimize a Device Menager and go to "Start",then "Run",type:dxdiag,and click on the "sound" tab!In the left box,called device,you will see the name of your current sound device!Exit from tool and return to "Device Menager" again!Double click on your sound device,then click the "Properties" tab and a new box will become!Double-click "Audio device" and click on yur sound device below,then click on the "Properties" tab in the same box!Check or click on: "Don't use audio features on this device",and click "OK" until you return to Device Menager!then restart your notebook and try to start the new installation of Yamaha sound driver!
P.S. I am using YAMAHA sound driver (2152) from TOSHIBA USA on my Tecra 9000( Windows XP SP3) without any problem!

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10.11.2008, 22:19
hi pollux, the dxdiag > sound field is empty. no information at all. at the bottom it's written that no audio device has been found. If I try to install the drived, I got a pop up saying that the driver was not installed.

15.11.2008, 02:50
I am having the same problem i have a tecra 9000 which has a windows xp/service pack 2 and i have no sound.
After i unzip the file for the driver it says "driver was not installed".

Any help on this topic.

15.11.2008, 13:02
I donít know what you did and why it doesnít work but as suggested by user pollux the sound driver from TOSHIBA USA is the SOLUTION!!!
Use the *YAMAHA sound driver (2152)* from TOSHIBA USA. Usually it works with all Win XP Service Packs!

16.11.2008, 17:04
it might work on your notebook but on ours, unfortunately. we try to install the latetst driver downloaded directly from the toshiba but the driver can't be installed. the error message is: driver was not installed. why can't we install this driver (2152)?

18.11.2008, 01:08
it might work on your notebook but on ours, unfortunately, not. we tried to install the latetst driver downloaded directly from the toshiba website but the driver can't be installed. the error message is: "driver was not installed". why can't we install this driver (2152)?

20.11.2008, 20:59
I'll reinstall NT2000 on this laptop. it was installed before XP was installed on it. With NT 2000 there are no known issues with the Yamaha AC-XG Sound Card. Any idea how to install NT2000 on a different partition of this laptop?
I already created another partition with partition magic. But how should I proceed now?

21.11.2008, 09:59

I think you have to boot from this W2k CD and then if the Setup will ask you where to install the W2k then choose the new created partition.


26.01.2009, 23:04
Viola download page for generic Yamaha drivers ...enjoy.......saved me from having no sound on my tecra9000


27.01.2009, 09:56
Great!!!!! You are the strar!!