View Full Version : Question about Wireless connection

06.04.2005, 13:25
I have recently purchased a notebook and I would like to try out the wireless version for this laptop, however the information book tells me to push the switch on the right hand side to switch the system on. It looks like it is blanked off???
Any suggestions to overcome this??

07.04.2005, 10:04
It will be interesting to know which notebook model you have. Anyway, as far as I know if there in no wireless switch this unit do not support wireless connection because there is no wireless antenna. In this situation the best solution is to use PCMCIA wireless card. Installation is very simple and those antennas are not so expensive.

I think also that Userís manuals are written generally for all models. When you bought this notebook did you ask if the wireless connection is possible?

12.04.2005, 14:42
In my opinion if there is no wireless switch there is no possibility to build in wireless card because there is no antenna. Like Miro said PCMCIA wireless card is the best solution.