View Full Version : Satellite X205-Sli3 - display driver would not work properly with SLI

27.04.2008, 14:30
I purchased a Satellite X205-Sli3 laptop computer in the United States less than five months ago and I've been having a lot of problems with it lately.

It happens quite often that the computer freezes for no apparent reason, for instance when I'm using Skype, Windows Media Player, or the DVD player. Alternatively, it also happens rather frequently that out of nowhere, I receive a blue screen error and the computer shuts down. When this happens, Windows asks me upon restarting whether I want to look for a solution online, and it tells me there is a problem with my NVidia display driver. I tried reinstalling the latest display driver available on the Toshiba website (which is from last September, however, and hence not very up-to-date) but the problems continue to persist.

Because of the driver problem, I am also unable to use the NVidia SLI technology because every time I try to active it, I receive either a blue screen error or the computer freezes momentarily followed by the message: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."??

Finally, I am unable to put my computer in standby or hibernate mode. My guess is that it's also linked to the driver issue.

Anyone's help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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02.05.2008, 20:17
Hi mate,

sounds like some hardware-related issue. It would make sense to send the machine to the nearest service partner in your country since you won´t be able to fix it by yourself.
I assume that it has something to do with the VGA card or one of the memory modules would not work like they should.

I can give you a link to find the nearest service partner in your country and them just contact them to explain them your problem: